Qualitative Data Analysis

Quantitative Data Transformation, Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting for both the academic and professional worlds

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Quantitative Data Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis methodologies across the various disciplines including building, social sciences

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Research Management

Research Management Services including Research Proposal drafting, Data Collection, Data Transcription etc

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Research and Data Analysis

Afregarde Research is a research and intellectual support services firm that serves the Southern African business, institutional and academic markets. We offer various services including research designing, research conduction, data analysis, special reports writing and private and public publications production. We exist to enhance the efficiency of knowledge development in both the academic and professional markets by offering top-tier research management services.

Support Systems

We use globally-reputed statistical and analytical packages for conducting qualitative and quantitative data analysis. These include SPSS, SPSS-Amos and SAS for qualitative data analysis and NVivo and Atlas Ti for qualitative data analysis. We have our own custom package branded AfreQUAL which has proven to be a system to reckon with in voluminous qualitative data analysis.


Why use our services

Here are a few reasons why using our services might be worthwhile:

Cost-effectiveness: A cost –effective research design will enable you to meet a set of research objectives within a stipulated budgetary provision. While more funds are generally required in research, fund constraints sometimes necessitate an economic approach in research. Afregarde Research can design a cost-effective research that meets research objectives through optimising research processes without undermining reliability and validity.

Time-effectiveness: As a research services specialist firm, we are able to make effective use of limited time frames through effective planning and team work. This is critical for research efforts that are time-sensitive and whose value might be lost through delays as well as deadline-ridden academic researches.

Skills optimisations: We are able to quickly set up special teams of experts to tackle any phase of any research project from be its data analysis, data reporting or publication. These teams are critical for quality management processes and often take the role similar to that of peer reviewers in academia.

All-round services: We offer all-round services in both Qualitative and Quantitative studies. These span from research proposal designing to actual research publication and presentation. Our services also include secondary research involving the sifting of various sources to meet set research objectives.


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