Research Proposal Designing

Research Proposals guide the whole research process to ensure that the goals and objectives set for the study are professionally and ethically achieved. In top-tier academic and institutional research, professionally drafted Research Proposals unlock funding doors from public and private entities interested in their area of study. In organisational research they guide the relevance of the study to ensure that organisations get the best out of the value they invested in a research. Our Research Proposal services include:

  • Research Proposal Writing
  • Research Proposal Editing and Perfection
  • Presentation of Proposals

We offer other customised Research Proposal services. Please send an mail to for more information

Data Collection Services

Afregarde Research offers data collection services for various study disciplines. This includes the deployment of enumerators to physically collect data in the field or the use of electronic means to reach out to the targeted sample or population.

Data collection methods used include:

  • Interviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Focus groups
  • Observation
  • Experiments
  • Case studies
  • Secondary source studies

The method of choice depends on the clients objectives and the nature of the data to be collected. Professional enumerators are used to collect and to capture the collected data for further analysis.

Data Capturing and Transcription

Afregarde Research offers data capturing services for research efforts of all sizes. This include: Capturing and coding of qualitative data Capturing and coding of quantitative data.Data capturing processes also include transcribing services where audiographic and videographic data is transformed into written documents for further analysis.